Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media and your Business Entity! 

According to We Are Social, 348 billion people around the world are active on social media and that number continues to grow every year. 

Today in a competitive market, economic downfall, finding prospect customers has become a very tough challenge. More is reaching your products, services to the targeted and prospect customers is even more challenging. Companies today cannot spend lavishly on advertising due to current financial  and economic conditions. Pandemic and National emergency situations cause even more difficult situations to reach prospect customers in traditional ways. 

So a more sophisticated, analytical and research based marketing is required in today’s scenario. Social Media Marketing is one of the most successful solutions to speak about and in fact makes sure your brand’s voice is heard at right time, right place and to the right people.

Let’s go through some of the facts about Social Media Marketing:

1. Brand awareness:  Having a social media presence makes it easier for existing and potential customers to find and connect with your brand. With today’s high volume of people using social media, your business has the opportunity to reach a significant number of new eyes and audiences. Social platforms are also a great place to tell your brand story and help people get a better idea of   what your business is about.

2. Loyalty to the brand: Social media provides brands with an unmatched opportunity to engage in conversations and engage with their customers. When executed properly and consistently, these interactions pave the way for brand loyalty. While it still takes time to earn customer loyalty, engaging on social media can help businesses build that trust more quickly.

3. Increased website traffic: Social media broadens your means of attracting inbound traffic to your website. Every social profile you have is a potential path to your site and every post is a new opportunity to provide value and show visitors and followers why they should visit your website. Ultimately, these visits can lead to more leads and conversions.

4. Customer knowledge :Today, all active users on social media generate a huge amount of customer data. Through social listening and engaging with your followers, you can learn more about who your customers are, where they like to spend their time, what interests them, and what they think about your brand, your competitors, and your industry. This, in turn, can help you engage them more effectively with your content, advertising, and messages.

5. Customer experience :  Chances are, even if your business isn’t on social media, your customers expect you to be. It gives them another way to get to know and connect with your brand and improves the customer experience. Furthermore, the importance of the role of social media in customer service today cannot be underestimated. When they have a question or something goes wrong, customers appreciate having the option to connect on social media with the brands they do business with.

6. Generation of leads and sales : Social media can be an incredibly effective tool for generating leads and moving them through the buying cycle. By combining organic tactics with paid tactics, social media marketers can expand their reach and attract more leads. B2B sales teams can use social listening and other social media research to convert those leads into sales.

7. Multi-channel campaigns : Today’s shoppers move quickly from channel to channel – from website to social media, to email, and to social media again. While social media is impressive on its own, it becomes more powerful by becoming an integrated part of your marketing strategy and initiatives. Social media messaging supports and reinforces your messages on other channels and gives you another opportunity to reach your audience wherever you are, no matter where.

Get Started! It is clear that social media marketing has its advantages, so if your company does not have the right profiles yet, create them. Fill in your company information and publish attractive content to start gaining followers. As mentioned, ask people relevant to your business to “Like” and “share” your page to help you build your profile. With constant updating, the correct social media marketing strategy will lead to higher traffic, better SEO, higher conversion rates, higher brand loyalty, and much more. There are practically no reasons not to implement social media in your marketing strategy. Since it is so profitable, there is almost nothing to lose. Chances are your competition is already on social media, so don’t let them take your potential customers away. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see growth in your business.